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Discover & Overcome limiting beliefs

Our Harmony Decision Maker App allows users with just a few simple questions to discover the “good” reasons – the limiting beliefs – why you either procrastinated in deciding how best to deal with a problem or opportunity they are facing, or why they could overreact and make a bad change or choice. And if you do blame either yourself or someone else for causing the problem that is now putting you in a decision conflict, the app will also allow you to understand their “good” reasons – their limiting beliefs that could explain why they did what they did.

Discover or Create New Win-Win Options

When we have two options, both with unique pros & cons, it’s easy to get stuck and then later overreact. The Harmony Decision Maker App will help you discover and create four new possible solutions, each with its own pros and cons than what you previously thought was possible. The App will allow you to view your own and others’ intuition about what can go wrong to create an even better solution that you can go and test immediately.

Join a global community and learn from each other

We have thousands of users worldwide that have faced problems or decision conflicts similar to what you might be going through right now. Many have shared their analysis and implementation status in our community library, which you can learn from and apply to your situation. And suppose you are still stuck, our virtual advisor. In that case, Harmony is available 24/7 to guide you through the process and help you gain insight, to help you get unstuck, and prevent you from overreacting.

User field reports

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I use the ProConCloud method and Harmony Decision Maker App with my students. The method and app is so intuitive and always helps them gain a deeper understanding of the decision or problem they or someone else faced and how to develop new options with more Pros and less Cons than they thought possible.

Mike Round


Every time I use the ProConCloud method with Harmony Decision Maker App it opens up many new win:win options I had not considered before. For example, it helped me realize that the best way to grow my business was not through hiring more staff, but rather to create a business partnership that wouldn’t cost me any more money but had tremendous gain for both of us.

Tracy Schmitt

Motivational Speaker

Lenka Keehnen – Entrepreneur
Dr. Hadi Nosseir – Entrepreneur

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What is the ProConCloud Method?

The ProConCloud method is a 5-step decision-making method that builds on the benefits of various decision-making methods while overcoming their limitations. These methods include Franklin’s Pro/Con list and Goldratt’s Evaporating Cloud Method. The ProConCloud method was developed in 2009 by Dr. Alan Barnard and has received multiple awards ever since.

The 5-Step ProConCloud Method

Step 1: Define your problem and why it is important

This step helps us prevent wasting our limited attention (our scarcest resource) by dealing with Unimportant Problems OR Procrastinating on Important Problems

Step 2: Define your and “their” conflicts

This will prevent you from jumping from the “Problem” to a Solution… not realizing the Solution is just one side of a conflict OR Finding Someone (yourself or someone else) to Blame. Neither is productive.

Step 3: Resolve conflict(s) with 4 win-win options

This step will prevent you from FOCUSING on only ONE resolution OR compromising not realizing there are always 4 viable options to resolve any decision conflict

Step 4: Yes-but planning

This step will prevent you from ignoring valid reservations from yourself or others (Yes-buts) OR Using their Yes-buts as excuses not to act rather than using them to create a more robust “Yes-And” plan.

Step 5: Design a good experiment

This will prevent you from failing to learn from experience by doing a BAD Experiment when either communicating OR when implementing changes… … not realizing we only learn from experiments…so our changes should be designed as an experiment.

And finally… The “Now Just do it” Step

This will help you prevent either Procrastinating by not implementing the Changers or getting distracted by multitasking… that often results in avoidable FAILED Experiments and no or partial results.

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