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Designed to help management teams achieve the FOCUS and FAST FEEDBACK they need to SUCCEED

HARMONY will help your organization implement and automate 5 simple steps that can help prevent your management team from repeating the 5 most common mistakes in implementing positive changes in your organization (and your life)

Harmony Change Maker can answer:


Why have I been procrastinating in making a good change or choice OR Why have I or could over-react and make a bad change or choice?


What new options should I consider to achieve more PROS and less CONS than my current options?


How can I overcome all the “yes-buts” I or others might have in implementing the best of these new options?

Step 1 is designed to help you prevent 2 mistakes

Defining a goal that is not ambitious enough. OR Defining an ambitious Goal but becoming overwhelmed with trying to improve all the MANY parts that CAN be improved rather than FEW that MUST be improved.

Step 2 is designed to help you prevent 2 mistakes

Not explicitly defining the WHAT, HOW and WHY assumptions of each change OR Not validating these assumptions with key stakeholders to enable them to contribute to the S&T design.

Step 3 is designed to help you prevent 2 mistakes

Not explicitly including BUFFERS to ensure project can be completed on-time despite unplanned delays OR Adding Task Buffers at each task which is often wasted in execution when early completions are not reported.

Step 4 is designed to help you prevent 2 mistakes

Implementing Changes in an unsyncronized way (prioritizing use local considerations) OR Not accurately reporting Strategy Achievement or Tactic Implementation Status causing over-or under reaction

Step 5 is designed to help you prevent 2 mistakes

Ignoring or delaying analysis and resolution of critical gaps in Strategy Achievement or Tactic Implementation… OR Wasting Management Attention by firefighting to resolve all Strategy Achievement or Tactic Implementation gaps.

How to Make a Complex Change with the Strategy & Tactic Tree?

Case Studies


“I am a medical device technology consultant to the healthcare industry. What I really appreciated in the Harmony Decision Maker App Alan developed is the way you can, in such a compact manner , present the entire decision analysis and so many variables that affect it for communicating that to other people. I just think that’s invaluable!”


We are already using Harmony Change Maker in Neogrid to design our Strategy & Tactic Tree and monitor implementation. As a CFO, I face the conflicts every day. So for sure we will use your Harmony Decision Maker and everything I learned today.


I am the human resource manager for small manufacturing company. I already had a solution but getting to the yes buts, and hearing the other people in my company they’re going to have these yes buts and getting a plan of attack for those was the most beneficial part of the day.

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