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Identify the What, Why, and How of Changes Together

Achieving ambitious goals often requires only a few critical changes. Our harmony Change Maker App is designed to help teams identify those FEW critical changes and contribute to define and validate the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of each change in a “Strategy & Tactic” or S&T Tree format. This S&T Tree provides everyone with the same “Sheet of music” to enable teams to achieve very ambitious goals.

Transform your S&T Tree into a Robust Project Plan in Seconds

Once you have created your S&T Tree, the Harmony Change Maker App can automatically convert it into a buffered project plan and guide your team to execute it in a synchronized way. The App uses best practices from Agile and Critical Chain Project Management like Project Buffer Fever Charts and Kanban boards to ensure resources are always focused on the highest priority tasks, making sure resources do not multitask, and resolve strategic and tactical conflicts with win: wins.

Learn from others using our extensive Community Library

If you don’t know where to start, browse and get inspiration from our Community Library of robust and well-established “Strategy & Tactic trees.” For example, there are five full S&Ts developed by the creator of Theory of Constraints, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt. It captures decades of knowledge of how to turn-around manufacturing, distribution, project, retail, and high-tech organizations. Users worldwide have also shared S&Ts for many other types of organizations, including hospitals that you can download and customize for your organization.

Field reports

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The 5 steps of Dr. Eli Goldratt’s Strategy & Tactic Method

The Harmony Change Maker App guides users through the 5 steps of Dr. Eli Goldratt’s S&T Method

Step 1: S&T Design

This step will help you prevent 2 decision mistakes: defining a goal that is not ambitious enough OR defining an ambitious Goal but becoming overwhelmed with trying to improve all the MANY parts that CAN be improved rather than FEW that MUST be improved.

Step 2: S&T Validation

This step will prevent you from making 2 mistakes: Not explicitly defining the WHAT, HOW, and WHY assumptions of each change OR Not validating these assumptions with key stakeholders to enable them to contribute to the S&T design.

Step 3: S&T Planning

This step will help you prevent 2 mistakes: Not explicitly including BUFFERS to ensure the project can be completed on time despite unplanned delays OR Adding Task Buffers at each task which is often wasted in execution when early completions are not reported.

Step 4: S&T Execution

This step will prevent you from making 2 mistakes: Implementing Changes in an unsynchronized way (prioritizing use local considerations) OR Not accurately reporting Strategy Achievement or Tactic Implementation Status causing over-or under reaction

Step 5: S&T Audit

This step will help you prevent 2 mistakes: Ignoring or delaying analysis and resolution of critical gaps in Strategy Achievement or Tactic Implementation… OR Wasting Management Attention by firefighting to resolve all Strategy Achievement or Tactic Implementation gaps.

Do you want to learn how to use the Strategy & Tactic Tree method?

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