Complex Decisions Made Simple

Make Better Faster Decisions Together… when it really matters.

The Problem

It is EASY to make decision mistakes and HARD to learn from those, when we do

The Solution

Our Harmony Decision Support Apps makes it HARD to make decision mistakes and easy to learn from them if we do.

We have developed three apps

that help individuals and teams decide, simulate, and make change

Decision Maker

Designed to help anyone make BETTER FASTER decisions in business or life.

Change Simulators

Designed to help managers quantify the IMPACT OF ANY CHANGE on their organization

Change Maker

Designed to help management teams achieve the FOCUS and FAST FEEDBACK they need to SUCCEED

Harmony Decision Maker

Harmony decision-maker
Designed to help you stop procrastinating & overreacting to decisions Start making better & faster decisions together with confidence!

The Harmony Decision-Maker app will help you:

  • Make ANY decision in 5 simple steps.
  • Each step is designed to help you avoid critical mistakes.
  • Work together and discover a win: win situation.
  • Realize all the options you have in any & all decision situations.
  • Share your insights with others and learn from other people’s insights in “the decision-making library”.

Harmony Change Simulator

Experience our library of simulators, designed to help you experiment with low risk, low cost, see the impact of any change, and find the best option for you and your organization!

The Harmony Change Simulator apps will help you:

  • Check your assumptions build your intuition.
  • Build a digital twin and experiment with low risk, low cost.
  • Discover new options and see the real impact changes you or your team wants to make.
  • Simple enough for everyone to understand and use.
  • Quantify the operational and financial impact of a change

Harmony Change Maker

Designed to help management teams achieve the focus and fast feedback they need to succeed.

The Harmony Change Maker app will help you & your team:

  • 5 steps from defining your goal to auditing if you achieved your goal.
  • Each step is designed to help you avoid critical mistakes.
  • Work together to create a strong robust plan.
  • Identify high-leverage changes to maintain changes.
  • Simple tools to track and monitor progress for fast feedback.

Dr. Eli Goldratt

Dr. Eli Goldratt was the founder of the Theory of Constraints and Co-Founder of Goldratt Research Labs, LLC.

In The Goal, protagonist and plant manager Alex Rogo must dramatically improve performance in 90 days or risk losing everything. With the help of his old professor Jonah, he learns some critical lessons.

What if Alex Rogo Didn’t Have Jonah?

To see how the three Harmony Apps could’ve helped Alex Rogo with the complex decisions he faced.

Harmony Decision Maker

Alex Rogo’s first hurdle was making a decision. What could he do to save his job and the factory? With such a daunting task ahead of him, he wasn’t sure which factors to pay attention to or which choice was the best one. This is where Jonah stepped in. Jonah was able to ask Alex the right questions so he could figure out the best answer.

The Harmony Decision Maker is designed to ask you the same questions that helped Alex realize what he should do. Instead of turning to Jonah, you can turn to Harmony – your virtual coach.

Harmony Change Simulators

Alex’s next challenge was figure out the best way of implementing his decision. In the Goal, Alex decides to completely change the way his plant is functioning. This is a large and very risky decision. Although his decision pays off in the end, the process is very stressful for Alex and his employees.

The Harmony Change Simulations are designed to give you a risk-free space to test your changes before actually implementing them. For Alex, this would’ve made his decision much easier.

Harmony Change Maker

The final challenge Alex faced was implementing his decision and proposed changes as quickly as possible. There were several moving parts in the conversion his plant underwent and keeping track of them was no small taks.

The Harmony Change Maker is designed specifically for this purpose. With it, Alex could have designed a robust blueprint of all the necessary changes to ensure his plan would be implemented in the correct time frame. A tool like the Change Maker could have meant the difference between being promoted and losing everything.

Get Started Today! Choose the Best App for You.

Get Started Today! Choose the Best App for You.