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After decades of R&D, we are proud to introduce you to our
Three Award-winning Harmony Apps

Designed to help you DECIDE on, SIMULATE, and MAKE positive changes in YOUR life or organization.

Decision Maker

Created for you, to help make BETTER, FASTER DECISIONS in business or life.

Change Simulators

Designed to help you quantify the IMPACT OF ANY CHANGE on your organization.

Change Maker

Help your management teams achieve the FOCUS and FAST FEEDBACK they need to SUCCEED.

Why are decisions so complex?

Deciding whether to make a CHANGE in your life or organization is like deciding whether to climb a mountain or not. It involves 3 decisions:
1. Should you do it or not?
2. What is the best way to the top?
3. How can you create a robust plan and monitor your progress?

Our 3 Harmony apps help you make all 3 these decisions with confidence.

Harmony Decision Maker App

Designed to help you discover and overcome the limiting beliefs behind all our avoidable decision mistakes, so you can start making BETTER FASTER DECISIONS when it really matters.

The Harmony Decision Maker app will help you:
  • Ensure you do not procrastinate or over-react
  • Discover limiting beliefs that can result in bad decisions.
  • Develop new options to resolve your decision conflict with a win:win solution
  • Collaborate to build a robust plan that overcomes all your own and other’s “Yes-Buts”
  • Share your analysis and progress with others, privately or publicly, so we can learn from each other.

Harmony Change Simulators

Our range of simulators allows you to quickly create a digital twin of your complex business, even some supply chains. This is to provide you with a low-cost, low-risk way to simulate the impact of demand or supply changes accurately or to find the best strategies or tactics to achieve your business goals.

The Harmony Change Simulator apps will help you:
  • Learn why system performance is often well below expectations
  • Quickly create a Digital Twin of your business or supply chain.
  • Accurately quantify the operational and financial impact of changes.
  • Design and carry out low cost, low-risk experiments in a virtual world
  • Discover the positive impact of implementing best practices

Harmony Change Maker App

Designed to help management teams achieve the focus and fast feedback they need to succeed.

The Harmony Change Maker app will help you & your team:
  • 5 steps from defining your goal to auditing if you achieved your goal.
  • Each step is designed to help you avoid critical mistakes.
  • Work together to create a strong, robust plan.
  • Identify high-leverage changes to maintain changes.
  • Simple tools to track and monitor progress for fast feedback.

Who benefits most from our Harmony Apps?

Our Apps can benefit a wide range of people

What is the best STRATEGY for achieving your goal?

We help you DECIDE the best strategy to achieve profitable growth, quantify the impact of changes, and build a robust PLAN.

What are the best TACTICS for implementing your Strategy?

We help you DECIDE what the best TACTICS are to achieve your strategies, quantify the IMPACT of these, validate a robust PLAN, and monitor EXECUTION.

How do you get CONSENSUS on proposed changes?

We help you DECIDE what your best STRATEGIES and/or TACTICS are, quantify the IMPACT of these, and design a robust PLAN, and monitor EXECUTION.

How do you best GUIDE your clients?

Guide your clients/patients through the decision-making processes step by step, and monitor analysis and implementation status.

How do you LEARN decision-making?

Teach/ learn a step-by-step DECISION SUPPORT method or APPS to make better, faster decisions in real-world situations when it really matters.

How do you DECIDE what to change?

Discover why good people make and often repeat bad decisions and how to make better, faster decisions and create win: wins when it really matters.

Together We Can Go Further

Thousands of people around the world benefited from using our Harmony Decision Support Apps and Services.

“The customized Harmony Change Simulator app GRL developed helped us discover how to significantly increase our throughput, reliability & profitability of our steel plant.”

Bimlendra Jha


“The Pilot Project’s biggest achievements were that a group of stakeholders who, in the beginning, were blaming each other for Lusaka’s Solid Waste Management crisis could use the Harmony Change Maker to focus on identifying concrete actions they can each take to contribute to reducing the demand vs. supply gap, without needing more budget.”

Dr Anne Githuku

Regional Leader

“I’m so excited to see how my clients – kids dealing with mental health challenges – are using the Harmony Decision Maker app to gain insights into their own behavior and sharing these with others.”

Daniella Princi


Organizations using our Apps

Hundreds of organizations around the world have benefited from using our Harmony Decision Support Apps and Services.

Our Education Partners

The Story Behind Harmony Apps

Our Harmony Apps were all developed to capitalize on key insights
from Dr. Eli Goldratt’s “Theory of Constraints”

#1 Best-selling book “The Goal”

Dr. Eli Goldratt was the author of the #1 Best Selling Business Novel of all time, “The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement”.

In The Goal, Alex Rogo faces a huge challenge. He is given just 3 months to dramatically improve the operational and financial performance of the plant he is managing. Or it will be shut down by corporate, and he and 600 people will lose their jobs.

With the Socratic guidance of his old professor Jonah, Alex gains the critical insights to save his plant and his failing marriage.

How can our apps help solve real-life problems?

An example using the main character in “The Goal”

What if Alex Rogo Didn’t Have Jonah?

Very few of us are lucky to have a mentor like Jonah. Could Alex have gained the necessary insights if he had access to just our three Harmony Apps?

Alex could DECIDE what to change with the Harmony Decision Maker

Alex Rogo’s first challenge was a BIG decision: deciding what to change. What could he do to save his job and the plant?

With such a daunting task ahead of him, he wasn’t sure whether to improve FLOW to get orders out on time or to continue focusing on improving machine efficiencies.

With the Harmony Decision Maker, Alex would understand the unique Pros and Cons of each option and create a win-win with more Pros and fewer Cons.

Alex could SIMULATE the change with the Harmony Change Simulators

Alex’s next challenge was the decision whether to use a balanced plant (to achieve the highest efficiencies) or an unbalanced plant (to improve flow and reliability of shipments)

In THE GOAL, Alex had to invent a DICE GAME to help him understand why his plant has been underperforming and why an unbalanced plant – a plant with a single bottleneck – is not only more reliable but also is more efficient.

The Harmony Dice Game Change Simulator would have given Alex the ability to simulate both a Balanced vs. Unbalanced Plant to see why the latter is more profitable!

Alex could MAKE the changes
with the Harmony Change Maker

The final challenge Alex faced was deciding how best to implement all the changes he decided on that was both necessary and sufficient to turn around his plant’s operational and financial performance in just 3 months.

The Harmony Change Maker would allow Alex to start with the Financial Target, design a Strategy & Tactic tree to achieve this target, validate assumptions with stakeholders, create a buffer project plan to implement it, and then monitor and audit the execution status to keep everyone focused and achieve ongoing improvement.

Curious to know who created the range of award-winning Harmony Apps?

Dr. Alan Barnard

A passionate team at Goldratt Research Labs created it.

The range of Harmony Apps was developed by a passionate team of Decision Scientists, Theory of Constraints, and Simulation experts at Goldratt Research Labs (GRL).  GRL was founded in 2008 by Dr. Alan Barnard, on request of Dr. Eli Goldratt, the creator of Theory of Constraints and best-selling author of The Goal.
Our goal was to create a research organization that would be a spearhead for developing new decision support methods and apps to help organizations and individuals make better, faster decisions when it really matters. Today, GRL customers include some of the world’s largest organizations within manufacturing, distribution, mining, high-tech, and publishing, as well as Government Agencies, NGOs, and individuals from all walks-of-life.
Despite the many differences, they all share our goal of making better, faster decisions when it really matters.

Dr. Eli Goldratt

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