The ProConCloud Method

We all want to make better faster decisions, especially when the outcome of that decision could impact our life or organization in a significant way.

With the new award-winning ProConCLoud method, you can be more confident then ever in your decisions

The Evolution of the ProConCloud Method supported by HARMONY DecisionMaker

The Practical Application of the ProConCloud Method supported by HARMONY DecisionMaker

Using Harmony Decision Maker App to make better faster decisions

Using the Harmony Decision Maker to analyze Smoking Decision Conflict.

Where did the ProConCloud method come from?

Most of the methods we use to make decisions don’t actually help us make better decisions or see the big picture. 

Take the Pro/Con method that Benjamin Franklin used over 250 years ago. This is a method most of us were taught in grade school and have probably used all throughout our lives. While this method can be very helpful in getting our thoughts down in one place it doesn’t actually help us overcome limiting beliefs, compare our options, or know if we’re missing anything. 

In the 250 years since, the science of decision-making has helped us improve this method to help people really understand their problem and make the best decision.

While the Pro/Con method may have helped you get this far, the ProConCloud can take you further.

How can you get access to the ProConCloud method?

The new HARMONY Decision Maker gives users access to a new breakthrough in the science of Decision Making – the 5-Step ProConCloud method.

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