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Smooth animations

Amazing visual effects

Enable slide-in menus, animated help messages and slide-up sheets just like in modern apps. Our library elements automatically add these animations and they work even if your model is paused.

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Simple drag’n’drop

Just drag’n’drop, no coding required.

Just like building your existing AnyLogic models, you can easily drag our Material-design elements into your model. Set their properties and they are ready to go…

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Fully configurable

Flexible styles and themes

All library elements are fully configurable. Not only can you can set your own global style theme (colors, font type, animation durations…) but each element can also follow specific style settings. All elements also have code-injection blocks to allow adding custom functionality linking it back to your model capabilities.

Style settings

You can define a global style for your entire model, including color schemes, fonts and animation speeds.
Moreover, each individual element can also apply its own custom style, overriding global settings.

Lots of choice

Choose from over 20 elements

We developed more than 20 library elements to cover all UI needs. They work together seamlessly to allow building a flexible, yet robust model interface.

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Structures content and creates navigation elements.

[media image=”6377″]

Pull up more content on click.

[media image=”6379″]

Put content in cards of any shape and form.

[media image=”6383″]

Any shape and form to trigger action.

[media image=”6382″]

Filter across agent populations or value collections visually.

[media image=”6381″]

Toggle boolean values and trigger action.

Easy installation

Install in 4 easy steps

Installing the Material Design library could not be simpler. Simply enter your Email below and we will send you further instructions and a detailed video to get it running in minutes. You do not even need admin rights on your machine.

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Fully documented

Over 4 hours of video training

We recorded dozens of training videos including “How to start”, a step-by-step tutorial on a real example and detailed element descriptions as well as a few hints, tips and tricks. Just enrol into our Udemy course here.

We also have detailed videos about each library object available for free on YouTube.

Moreover, the elements themselves are documented using JavaDoc API.

Start now!

Get started today…

Enter your Email below and we will send you the link to purchase and download the library directly to your inbox.

You get access to 6 of our elements to use for FREE forever.

UI Structure, Section, Page, Settings, Button, Text Formatter

(For one machine, including updates)

$ 19.95 per month

$ 79.99 per year

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Frequently asked questions


We will send you a link to download the library to your Email inbox along with detailed instructions to install it into AnyLogic. As part of that process, you will be guided to our (PayPal) payment website which accepts all normal payment methods.

The Material Design library requires at least AnyLogic 8.5 or later. It may run with earlier versions but we cannot guarantee that.

You can use it with any “edition”, though. So it can be used with the free PLE edition, the University Researcher or the Professional edition.

However, AnyLogic limitations on exporting models apply.

Yes. Like AnyLogic, you can also use the Material Design library on Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Your subscription will allow you to use the Material Design library elements in your AnyLogic IDE. As long as you have an active subscription, you can apply and manipulate library elements for your models.

Your subscription enables you to develop Material Design models in AnyLogic.

If your subscription expires, you can still run your models as exported Java applications or in the cloud. (AnyLogic license restrictions apply). This will work forever. However, you cannot run the model from within the AnyLogic IDE directly anymore.

So to be clear: Even after your subscription expires, you can always run your models as exported applications or in the cloud.

We do not offer a free version or demo at this point. But you can always just purchase a 1-month subscription, we do not continually charge you (i.e. the subscription will automatically stop after 1 month).

All training videos (over 4 hours of recorded content) can be found on Udemy. Just enrol here. This content will be freely available always.