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How Do We Make Difficult Decisions? 

Follow along with Jason in our Island Fable video about the Harmony Decision Maker app.

Learn how you can confidently make better, faster decisions when it really matters.

How It Works

HARMONY Decision Maker gives users access to a new breakthrough in the science of Decision Making – the 5-Step ProConCloud method. Each of the 5 steps of the ProConCloud have been designed to help users prevent one of 5 common decision mistakes we all make when facing a challenging problem or decision conflict.

What Users Think

5 stars@2x-20

The Harmony Decision Maker app is the most useful collaborative decision-making app I’ve ever seen

Amir Roggel, Innovation Expert at Intel

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Simple App with Huge Benefits

“This App is amazing! Works for personal dilemmas, persistent conflicts, and you versus them conflicts.”

5 stars@2x-20

Amazing App!

“Everyone should have this app. Helped me make a lot of decisions in my life and my job. Takes any of my doubts out fast.”

5 stars@2x-20

The app helped me, and my students resolve stressful problems with real win/wins

Mike Round, High School Teacher