Harmony Change Maker

 The perfect app for collaboratively designing, validating, planning, and monitoring execution of large and complex improvement or turnaround projects.

Harmony Decision Maker


Identify high-leverage changes to maintain focus

Validate Key Assumptions with Stakeholders

Create a Robust Plan for Change

Track and Monitor to get Fast Feedback

Identify and resolve conflicts between performance gaps 

How Does It Work?

HARMONY will help your organization implement and automate 5 simple steps that can help prevent your management team from repeating the 5 most common mistakes in implementing positive changes in your organization (and your life).

The 5-Step Method

Prevent Mistake 1: Lack of FOCUS
You Can Use Harmony ’s S&T Design Module To Map Out All The Necessary And Sufficient Changes And Their Implementation Sequence In The Form Of A Strategy & Tactic *(S&T) Tree To Provide The Focus Needed To Achieve Your Organizational Or Department Goal(S).

Prevent Mistake 2: Lack of BUY-IN

You can use HARMONY ’s S&T VALIDATION module to validate the WHAT, HOW and WHY assumptions of each of the proposed changes as well as their likely financial impact with key stakeholders to achieve the necessary buy-in needed to succeed.

Prevent Mistake 3: Lack of PLANNING

You can use HARMONY ’s S&T PLANNING module to create a fully resourced and buffered implementation plan using Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) best practices with clear milestones to measure progress.

Prevent Mistake 4: Multitasking and/or Getting Distracted

You can use HARMONY ’s S&T EXECUTION module to monitor and update execution status of strategy achievement and tactic implementation to focus recovery actions and prevent multitasking and/or getting distracted.

Prevent Mistake 5: Not Learning from Experience

You can use HARMONY ’s S&T AUDIT module to get fast feedback and resolve decisions that block progress. Lessons learned from resolving decisions can be captured as better practices and/or used to update your Strategy and Tactic Tree.

Harmony Decision Maker